The hurt welling, 
can feel it in the throat 
as if suffocating.. 
Unable to bear even the light 
of a tubelight 
switching it off.. 
Sitting in darkness.. 
Want silence.. 
But only chaos.. 
Inside.. and outside.. 
Why can’t the world be quiet for a moment? 
Why can’t the mind be quiet? 
Let me find a ray of hope somewhere
Let me wash away the anger and hurt..
Feeling empty
Tired of it all
Over n over again..
Restrictions of mind as well as body..
Restrictions of customs n cultures..
Restrictions and more restrictions..
Longing to be free..
Longing to fly…away..
More restrictions..
More longing and desire to be free..
And then…
in pain
in silence
in tears..
When will it all end?
When will it all end???

Above and Featured image: Photo by Aditi B.


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