Music I Love, Reflections


Shikayatein...mitaane lagi..
subah bedaag hai..
subah bedaag hai..

Jo barf ko galaane lagi,
kahin toh aag hai..
kahin toh aag hai..

Na udne ki iss dafaa thaani
parindo ne bhi wafaa jaani..
Andhere ko baahon mein leke
ujaale ne ghar basaya hai..
Churaya tha jo chukaya hai...

Shikayatein mitaane lagi.....

Ek jeet tu hai..
Ek haar me hoon..
Haar jeet hoon..

Ek jeet tu hai..
Ek haar me hoon...

Bataaye bin galtiyan...ginaaye..
Sitaarein jab bhi sadaa..sunaaye..
Lootero ko baaghbaan banaaye..
Naseebo ki baat hai..
Naseebo ki baat hai..

Zameer ki kahani hai ye..
Yahi bairaag hai..
Yahi bairaag hai..

Shikayatein..mitaane lagi...
So melodious composition
and such beautiful lyrics that you want to keep on
listening it forever, just like Zinda hoon yaar. (more on that song later).
And the beautiful lines, esp I love these lines…
Zameer ki kahani hai ye..
(Zameer is heart, conscience, soul)
Yahi bairaag hai..
Yahi bairaag hai..
(bairaag here means reclusion..)
Its like….
This is the story of my heart, my conscience, my soul…
And thats my reclusion…
Being solitary..
And in this solitude,
All my complaints are now ending…

The morning is beautiful and clear..
And I found some fire within
that’s now burning away the icy coldness
that has been surrounding me..
You’re a victory..
I’m the defeat..
The thin strand that joins them both
that’s me..
Whenever these Stars tell a story
they make you realize your faults without really saying aloud..
and turn the dacoits into saints..
It all depends on fate..
on destiny…
Even the birds have apprehended
faithfulness and loyalty..
And have decided not to fly away
but stay back..
Along with the darkness,
holding its hands in its own,
the light within has made its home..
Coz the light knows
that it cannot exist without darkness
so holding its hands tightly,
they’ve made their home…
What was stolen once
is now paid off…
And all the complaints
are now turning to an end…



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