Music I Love, Reflections

If I lay here….

All so confusing
messing up my mind..

Dunno whats real
and whats not..
Can’t seperate facts and reality
from desires and illusive images
that I think and create on my own..

Am I real?
Or is this world real?
What is the truth?
Not a thing do I know..
All I want is just to lie down here
on the green grass
and just forget everything else..

The vast sky up above
and a few branches
that’s all I can see from here..

that’s all I want to see
and just forget everything else…

All I want to do
is lay here
and keep listening to words n music
along with the whispers of the breeze..
I don't know where..
Confused about how as well..
Just know that these things will never change for us at all..

I don't quite know..
How to say
how I feel..
Those three words
are said too much..
They're not enough..

All that I am..
All that I ever was..
Is here in your perfect eyes..they're all I can see..
I need your grace..
to remind me
to find my own..

We'll do it all..
on our own..
We don't need
Or anyone..

Lets waste time..
chasing cars
around our heads..

If I lay here..
If I just lay here..
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told..
Before we get too old..
Show me a garden that's bursting into life..


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