Music I Love, Reflections

The boat…

 Above Photo by Aditi B.
~ ~ ~
She laughed looking at the boat
that had so much potential

to let everything go and be free
to move in the rivers

and conquer the oceans
to brave the storms
and survive
and yet
here it was…
by a mere rope
and a chain..
What were these ropes and chains made of?!
Were they the fears it had,
or were they made of ignorance,
Was it the relations and worldly things that bound it,
or was it the safety that was here?!
What if the ropes and chains were an illusion?!
Was the boat unaware of everything?
Didn’t it ever want to be free?
Why was it depending on someone to free it?
Couldn’t it free itself?
Wouldn’t it be a thousand times better to brave the storms
rather than just staying here bound?
When was it going to realize that it had every potential
to be free
and explore the oceans..
Wouldn’t sinking in some unknown part
of the ocean – after braving the storm – be much better
than getting old and rusted here??
“Take a step ahead
Have courage
the chains and ropes will break…
Dont let the chains stop you from dreaming…”
And she felt like telling these words from a song Aazadiyan to the boat…
“Pairon ki bediyan..khwabon ko baandhe nahi re..
Kabhi nahi re..
Mitti ki parton ko nanhe se ankur bhi cheere..
Dheere dheere..
Iraade, hare-bhare…jinke seeno mein ghar kare..
Wo dil ki sune, kare.. Na darre.. Na darre…
Subah ki kirano ko roke jo salakhein hai kahan..
Jo khayalon pe pehrein daalein wo aankhen hai kahan..
Par khulne ki deri hai, parinde udd ke chumenge.. aasma..aasma..aasma…”

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