Silencing the thoughts

Thinking too much again
getting tangled
in the webs of these thoughts,
her head throbbed.

She wanted silence
not outside,
but in her mind,
wanted to silence her thoughts.
Maybe straighten them.

And Nature.
The only 2 things that helped.

Listening to few songs on repeat,
inarticulate words,
feeling the music and the words,
imagining falling




walking on and on

and on..

Brighter hopeful mornings
‘coz of quietness in nature
and soulful music..

And as the sun set,
the darkness clouded her mind
only dark thoughts
memories that she wanted to erase
and finally drifting off to sleep..

Why couldn’t she still overcome all this?
She thought she was stronger,
maybe not today.

Today she just wanted to give in

and give up.

~ ~ ~ ~

Featured image: Aditi B.


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